Prendergast School's Students of the Month

What makes a student of the Month? A child who demonstrates qualities we hope to find in all people. Students at Prendergast School are chosen by their teachers. Each student receives a Certificate, Ribbon donated by our PTO which is received at our bi-monthly Students of the Month Celebration. Family is always welcome to join our celebration. Children are also recognized on our Main Bulletin Board in the front foyer. Life Skills teacher Mrs. Lawlor creates a beautiful presentation.
  •                 Respect for others, self and property
  •                 Compassion for other students
  •                 A positive attitude! Even though they might not be the smartest, fastest, best artist, 
                    etc.(We call it our “I think I can!” attitude)
  •                 Someone who demonstrates appropriate behavior for everyone to see
  •                 Someone who has been able to "bounce back" from adversity
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