From the Office of the Principals


John G. Prendergast School is a place where students, educators, parents, community leaders, and professionals share their interests and talents. Our goal is to provide our  children with academic experiences and challenges in the context of becoming responsible, respectful, and contributing members of society.

Currently, there are over 75 highly qualified educators and support staff focused on student learning in grades K through 6. Curriculum is on a continuous cycle of updates and revisions through teacher input and review of state frameworks and research literature. The unified arts classes work together to support the content areas, as well as allow children to explore through various forms of media.

It is our belief that students must be actively involved and take ownership of their learning. Students are encouraged to take part in fundraisers, school activities and our character education program.  Our emphasis on character education fosters lessons in pro-social behaviors and student participation in class and assemblies.

A strong partnership between the school, the parents, and the community is a crucial aspect of the educational experience. Parents are involved in numerous projects, special learning experiences, and social events. We encourage involvement with our PTO to help make Prendergast School a fun and safe place for students and staff. Teachers and parents work collaboratively to foster student learning and growth.

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” –Bria Herbert

Liz Nimons, Principal

Amy Cosciello, Assistant Principal